Latex Gloves

Working within the environments of industries such as food processing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and industrial cleaning can sometimes be immensely rough and cruel on the hands. Constant exposure to harmful elements such as acids, detergents, salts, caustics, animal fats, vegetable oils, alcohols, mineral-based solvents and chemicals can often lead to serious damage to the hand and palm areas. One common way known to prevent such hazards is the use of latex gloves. These gloves are generally used as work glovesby many types of industries and they are also used to protect the spread of contamination, especially in the food and medical sectors.

As the name states, these items of protective work wearare made out of a natural element called latex, which refers to the milky fluid that is derived from rubber trees that coagulates when it is exposed to air. These gloves are made out of this thin material and they offer you excellent dexterity.

While there are various kinds of latex gloves available on the market, a natural latex rubberis one that gives you excellent dexterity, tear strength and elasticity. These work glovesare highly resistant to abrasions and cuts and they also provide exceptional grip for wet and dry materials and a sensitive touch for delicate materials. Because of the properties of latex gloves they are often used when working with and handling sensitive materials. They allow you to feel items through them very well as they are essentially worn as a second skin.

Most medical gloves are made out of latex however many people have an allergy to latex and many doctors are now wearing vinyl exam gloves and gloves that are made of nitrile rubber. If you do wear these gloves and they make you uncomfortable or give you a rash, you should get checked out by a doctor.

Most latex gloves are generally disposed of after wearing them, and are always disposed of when they are used for sanitary reasons. However if you are just using them around the house for odd jobs as protective gloves, you may get a few uses out of them. These gloves are available in various sizes and are used by men and women around the world.

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