Latex Exam Gloves

To protect them from infection, disease and contamination, medical practitioners, dentists, and lab personnel, etc. use latex exam gloves while they are working. These special latex gloves are made from 0.005-inch gauge thickness latex and are about 9.5 inches long. They do not hinder the tactile sensation or manual dexterity of your hands and fingers. The gloves can be sterilized or auto calved to remove any threat of infection. The gloves are made out of latex, which is a very thin form of rubber and they are available in various sizes and levels of thickness.

Latex exam gloves should fit snugly around the hands and completely cover the wrists. The gloves are thoroughly cleaned and sterilized when they are made to remove all traces of chemicals from them. Some types of latex exam gloves have a light coating of cornstarch powder on them and are tumble dried to give a uniform and thin powder coating. This powder coating allows the gloves to be put on and pulled off easily without tearing them. For applications that need to be free from powder contamination, the gloves can be ordered without powder coating. In the United States, these types of work gloves need to meet guidelines set out by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

These gloves need to keep the sensitivity in your fingers so you can pick up delicate medical instruments and they should also give you a good grip on wet objects. They need to fit comfortably on your hands and should be durable. Before selecting latex exam gloves, it is important to identify if the user or the person being treated is allergic to latex. If proper care regarding this is not taken, then it can affect both the patients as well as the caretakers. In this case, an alternative pair of examination gloves should be used. If the latex exam gloves have any punctures or rips in them, you should not wear them. After a doctor, dentist, or any other type of health care staff have worn a pair of latex exam gloves they should be disposed of properly and not worn again.

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