Latex Disposable Gloves

A dirty pair of hands can often lead to various types of setbacks, especially in sterile environments, medical situations and clean rooms. In fact, in the medical sector, a dirty pair of hands may often lead to infection and possibly death. Working in industries that regularly deal with acids, detergents, caustics, alcohol and chemicals can easily result in the transmission of many illnesses and in the case of health care professionals, infectious diseases. Direct contact with caustic materials with bare hands is absolutely a risk that shouldn’t be taken. The use of a protective glove, such as a latex glove, is a necessity in sterile and medical environments.

So, what is latex? Latex is a liquid sap that is derived from nature's very own rubber tree. While latex is an immensely effective remedy to protect your hands, constant exposure to certain protein elements in the material has, in recent times, resulted in serious health problems among health care workers. These days, because of latex allergies, other materials such as nitrile rubber and vinyl are often used in the medical profession.

Latex gloves are made out of very thin material to allow your fingers the sensitivity and dexterity that they require while working with delicate medical instruments or examining somebody. The gloves are sterilized before use and they come in various thickness and lengths. Whenever these latex work gloves are used in the medical profession, such as latex exam gloves and other types of sterile and clean environments, they can only be worn once to make sure that they don’t spread any type of contamination. Once the pair of gloves has been worn, or even taken out of the package, they are no longer clean and sterile. Because of this, they should be disposed of properly and never used again.

If latex disposable gloves are being worn in a type of industry in which cleanliness and sterility isn’t a factor, then the gloves can be worn if they have been exposed to a person’s touch or other types of germs. Disposable latex gloves are generally worn in these types of industries because they give you ideal protection, they are inexpensive and once they become dirty they can be easily disposed of.

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