Knee Pads

Knee pads are designed to help provide support to the knees while you are kneeling on all types of surfaces and to help prevent injuries to the knee joints in various sports such as football, skateboarding, roller-skating, hockey and lacrosse. People who are undergoing medical therapy often wear kneepads as well. There are various types of knee pads however the most common and the most popular types are made out of soft inner material and a tough, abrasion-resistant outer layer, with a center cushion to absorb shocks and impacts.

The knee pad not only covers the knee joint, but also supports the muscles and the ligaments inside of the knee. There are some types of knee pads that you step into and pull them up to your knees and others are attached with a wrap around strap. They are usually fastened on to the knee with straps that are held with either Velcro or soft metal clamps. Care must be taken while fitting the knee pad, so that the harness fits properly. An improper fitting can possibly do more damage than harm. Some pads can also be heated mildly by battery or electricity. Mild heat has healing properties and it helps to increase the flow of blood in the affected region.

Another type of popular knee pad that is commonly used by plumber, maintenance workers, and mechanics is a portable knee pad. These are basically padded devices that you place on the ground and kneel on them while you are working. This saves you the time of fastening personal knee pads to your knees and taking them off. Portable knee pads are handy pieces of protective equipment that are made of foam. They have a built-in handle for easy carrying, a thick vinyl-coated skin to withstand fuels, oils, solvents, detergents, and tools.

Both types of knee pads are available in an assortment of colors and sizes.

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