Kitchen Aprons

Cooks, chefs, sous chefs, and anyone else who is intending to cook indoors usually wears a kitchen apron during food preparation and cooking. If you are cooking outdoors there's a good chance you will put on a barbecue apron. Kitchen aprons are designed to protect your work wear or house clothes from getting dirt, stained and soiled through contact with the food and various types of cooking equipment. At the same time, kitchen aprons are designed to make sure that the food is safe from any contamination through the wearer of the apron. Dishwashers also often wear some form of kitchen apron.

Kitchen aprons are generally bib aprons, which mean that they are full-length aprons for body protection from below the neck to the knees. Kitchen aprons are outerwear items that are made to help disguise things such as sweat stains or the splattering of oil and grease, spice, meat, fish and vegetables in the kitchen. Most kitchen aprons should come equipped with apron pockets which will enhance efficiency by serving as mobile storage spaces for handy cooking tools such as forks, knives, measuring spoons, can openers, and other essentials.

Kitchen aprons aren't just restricted to use in the kitchen as they can also be worn to perform other types of activities such as gardening, cleaning and other tasks. Stain-resistant fabric in cotton, polyester and linen blends are the most popular choices for kitchen apron materials. Kitchen aprons also come in unisex, one-size-fits-all with adjustable neck and waist ties. Kitchen aprons come in a wide variety of colors, designs, styles and sizes. You can also make a custom apron or personalized apron for your kitchen by embroidering or printing word, pictures, graphics and photographs on them.

A kitchen can often be a very busy and cluttered place to work in, especially in a restaurant, and you need to be aware of all of the hot cooking elements. Make sure that your kitchen apron is secured around your body and it doesn't come in contact with any live cooking elements as kitchen aprons are not fire proof. Don't tie or fasten the apron too tightly though, as it may cut off your circulation and make you feel uncomfortable while working in the kitchen.

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