Jackets are primarily used as outerwear for casual wear and for work wear. They are made from a wide variety of fabrics such as: leather, denim, cotton, cotton polyester, neoprene, suede, nylon, and silk, etc. Many jackets will feature a combination of different materials. Most people who do outdoor work such as: construction workers, ranch and farm hands, loggers, service station attendant, policemen, firefighters, city workers, customs officers, toll booth collectors, policemen, firefighters, maintenance workers, builders, miners, delivery drivers, telephone workers, cable television workers, and satellite installers, etc will wear a jacket to keep them warm when the weather is cool. Many people who like to venture in the outdoors for recreation for hiking, biking, and trekking, etc. also wear work jackets.

While most jackets are used as outerwear work clothes for functional reasons, some indoor workers will also wear them while on the job. Most jackets that are worn indoors are usually not for functional reasons and are often worn by retail workers, pilots, waitresses, and waiters for fashion reasons and for identification reasons. However, some indoor workers such as chefs and cooks may wear jackets while working in the kitchen to protect their shirts from being stained.

There are many types of jackets to choose from as they also come in many designs and colors and some of them, such as rain jackets, are made for specific weather conditions. Leather jackets are used by: motorcycle riders, heavy metal bands and fans, cowboys and as casual wear by 'urban cowboys'. Fleece and arctic lined leather jackets are used in extreme cold. Jackets have become cult items and are used as the primary apparel of sports teams, fans and even street gangs.

Some jackets have fleece or corduroy top collars with snaps under the collar for an optional hood. The front flaps are fastened by metal buttons or metal snap buttons and sturdy zippers with wind flaps that can be fastened with Velcro. Two low slash hand warmer pockets and two chest pockets with flaps are usually provided. The main seams are usually triple stitched and metal rivets protect vital stress points. Ventilation is provided with underarm grommets. Jackets are available in a wide range of sizes including big and tall sizes for men and women.

If you are wearing a jacket as a fashion or identification garment while at work, you should make sure it fits you well and is kept clean as you will be seen by the public. If you are wearing a jacket for functional purposes then you need to make sure it doesn't fit you too tightly and hampers your range of motion while performing your tasks.

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