Insulated Coveralls

Insulated coveralls are made of high quality materials and come with fleece or arctic wear lining that is designed to retain your body heat while you are working in the cold and wind. These coveralls are often worn over their regular clothes and work clothes by people who live and work in very cold climates such as explorers who are on expeditions in the Arctic and Antarctica.

Insulated coveralls are often used as work wear in subzero treatment laboratories and research plants, pharmaceutical industries, integrated chip manufacturers, space centers, ice-skating and snow sports, construction work, service station workers, telephone workers, city workers, electric and hydro company workers, etc. They are basically used as outerwear work clothes by people all over the world who find themselves working in cold and windy weather and need to keep warm. However, because they are so versatile and durable they are also used as casual wear by people who are just trying to stay warm while going about their daily activities.

Insulated coveralls are generally made-up of multiple layers of fabrics, which retain heat and also provide a suitable barrier against ice and snow when traveling at high speeds. The coveralls come with protective hoods and face masks to make sure that your whole body is kept warm. Most other styles of coveralls will cover you from the neckline down to the ankles. Insulated coveralls are rated for different temperatures such as 30-degrees below zero, and 50-degrees below zero, etc. To keep warm, it is important that you wear a pair that is rated for the temperatures you will be wearing them in

With features such as concealed and flap-protected zippers, elastic bands at the wrists and ankles, the coveralls are designed to provide full protection against extreme cold. Gloves and suitable boots complete the apparel. The insulated coveralls should fit you comfortably and should not hinder your body movements in any way. They can be ordered in company colors with logos and other things such as names and monograms printed or embroidered on them. These coveralls are washable and can be worn over and over again. They come in various sizes, colors and designs for men and women, boys and girls.

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