Helmets are worn by men and women and boys and girls of all ages for many different activities, including work. You will find that a wide variety of people use them, such as police officers, military personnel, motor sports enthusiasts, rock climbers, cyclists, construction workers, welders, cyclists, professional athletes, skydivers, and fighter pilots. All these helmets have one thing in common, which is to protect your head from falls and from falling objects. Helmets are ideal forms of protective equipment and are mandatory in many industrial sectors.

The interior of most protective helmets are made out of a preformed, soft cushioning material such as PVC or molded rubber, while the outsides of helmets are generally made out of a hard, but lightweight, impact-resistant material such as plasticor composite. Buckles or Velcro straps are used to ensure that the helmets do not fall off of your head during use. Some types of helmets have a full-face shield made of clear plastic attached to them. Helmets need to keep you cool and comfortable so most of them come with vents for cooling and airflow.

Most types of helmets have adjustable sizes, but they should not be worn too tightly as they will cause discomfort and irritation. Contact should be felt all around the head with equal pressure distribution. The inner foam padding tends to break down and settle after some use, making the helmet more comfortable.

Pilots and high-speed motor sport athletes use specially designed helmets that are heavier and offer more head protection. Helmets are available in a variety of colors, sizes, styles, materials and designs. If required, logos and advertisements can be printed on them or glued on them.

Helmets adhere to strict safety standards that are prescribed by Snell and SFI. The models that are worn by firefighters and high-speed car racers need to be made out of fire retardant materials. Military personnel, pilots and police officers usually make special arrangements to fit radios inside of their helmets.

You should always make sure that the helmet is suited for the job you are doing and you shouldn't wear a helmet that is damaged or cracked as it may not meet the required safety standards.

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