Head Protection

The head is a very fragile part of your body as it houses the brain, which is one of the most important of the human organs. To protect the head and everything that is inside of it, there are many types of protective equipment, safety gear and headgear available for both men and women. Some of these items of safety gear include hard hats, bump hats, helmets, full face shields, welding helmets, and flame-retardant helmets. There are many types of workers who need to wear head protection while they are performing their jobs. These include people such as construction workers, petrochemical workers, miners, maintenance workers, dockyard crews, loggers, motorcyclists, paratroopers, pilots, sky divers, sea divers, automobile racers, cyclists, skaters, rock climbers, fire fighters, police officers, the military, and various athletes.

The inside of most head protection items is made out of various materials including, foam, rubber, and PVC. Most of the exteriors are made out of hard, impact resistant materials such as composites, Kevlar, carbon and plastic. The type of head gear that you use will depend on the type of job that you are performing. Some jobs need full head coverage while other jobs only require minimal coverage or just top of the head coverage. Many types of industrial jobs will make head protection mandatory items of protective equipment and safety gear. Most types of head protection equipment must pass rigorous testing and meet specific standards.

Whatever type of head protection you use, make sure that it is up to standard and is in good condition. If the head gear is damaged or cracked in any way, it may not be able to perform its job properly. It is also important that the safety gear that you are wearing is made for your specific job. If you are working on a construction site a welding helmet won't really do you any good. Most head protection equipment is adjustable and you have to make sure that the gear you are wearing fits you properly. Head protection should also be lightweight and well ventilated. You don't want to feel uncomfortable, and hot and sweaty while you are working. Head protection also comes in many styles, colors and sizes.

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