Hats have been used to wear on the head for the sake of safety, warmth or just for fashion purposes for thousands of years. Hats are worn by boys and girls and men and women of all ages in countries all over the world. The function of a hat has been vast and varied since its initial creation. From status symbol to fashion statement to functional sports gear and protective headgear, the attire has forever granted an air of authority and confidence to its wearer.

The idea of a hat was first employed to protect the head from the harsh effects of the weather. People needed to wear hats to keep themselves warm and dry in the rain, wind and snow. Of course, these weather conditions are still present today, and workers still need to keep their heads warm and dry while performing their duties. Most people who work outdoors will wear some type of hat to protect themselves from the cold weather, the rain and the sun.

Today, the functions of a hat are more varied than its practical, historical function. Some hats such as hard hats and bump hats are variations of helmets that are worn as safety gear and protective equipment to shield your head from the assorted dangers and hazards of work environments. Other hats, such as pilot hats, chef hats, chauffeur hats and police hats are generally worn as a part of a work uniform so people can easily recognize them. Some hats may also be worn as a part of a work uniform or as independent work wear just as a fashion accessory. You will often see employees of restaurants and fast food establishments wearing a hat as a part of their work clothes.

Hats are made out of a wide variety of materials and they come in a huge assortment of styles, colors and designs. Hats are now tailor-made to suit the specific needs, preferences and professional requirements of an individual. Some of the more common and popular types of hats that are available are winter hats, cowboy hats, safari hats, outback hats, top hats, dress hats, straw hats, military berets and canvas-oil hats. Make sure that your hat fits you properly so it can perform the function it is designed to do.

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