Flame Retardant

Because many types of industrial jobs and specialty industries such as firefighting deal with flames, special flame retardant work wear and safety gear is needed to properly protect these workers. Flame retardant materials are basically flame proof and they help to act as barriers against extreme heat and fires. The compounds are made out of Halogen-Free FR, FR ABS, Elastomer, Long fiber, PC/Acrylic, Polytrimethylene Terephthalate, asbestos, Nomex, along with other additives and resins.

These compounds are made for protective equipment and work wear such as firefighter uniforms. These work uniforms are what firefighters wear when they are entering high intensity fires for rescue operations. Flame retardant compounds are also sprayed or thrown from aircrafts on wildfires to create a non-flammable barrier beyond which fires cannot cross.

Compounds and work clothing that are made for flame retardant applications need to comply with standards such as UL 94 test parameters. The fire retardant work wear that is worn by firefighters must be able to withstand extreme heat stress along with abrasive wear and tearing. Firefighters are fully covered in the suits. Their work clothes include shoes, protective gloves, full covering hoods or helmets, with self contained breathing apparatuses and high-temperature resistant, clear face shields. The seams are heat-sealed and they will not rupture when the operators have to bend, kneel and wield implements. The clothing should be lightweight and comfortable. Fire retardant clothing should not restrict your movement in any way as you need to have complete mobility when wearing it.

Fires are classified into different classes and the fire retardant work wear that is used to fight fires is designed accordingly. Because of this, it is very important that you are wearing the proper type of flame retardant clothing for the task that you are doing. Flame retardant clothing is also often used in automobile racing and for stunt men and stunt women in movie work. Flame retardant clothing is available in a wide variety of colors, styles, designs and sizes. You can get flame retardant vests, aprons, work shirts, sweat shirts, coveralls, work pants, jackets, suits, coats, and blankets, etc.

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