Finger Cots

Finger cots are individual finger coverings that are made out of thin latex or rubber material. If you've never seen a finger cot, it could generally be compared to a condom, but with a different purpose of course. Finger cots are often worn by people with finger injuries such as cuts and abrasions to keep their injuries out of water, moisture, dirt and contamination, etc. These items are also commonly used for applying creams, and ointments, such as applying hemorrhoid cream and other types of medications to open wounds. Finger cots are often used in the medical sector, but they are also quite commonly found in many types of industries.

For industrial use, finger cots are often worn by workers who are handling sharp and dangerous objects, and by people who are working in sterile, anti static, electrical, and clean room environments. Finger cots come in various lengths and degrees of thickness with the thicker cots offering more protection. However, the thicker the cot is, the less movement you may have in your fingers. If you are wearing finger cots for rough work, make sure that the finger cots are industrial strength.

Some types of finger cots include washed latex cots, anti static finger cots and powdered cots. These are used in very special applications depending on the properties of the materials used. For e.g. anti static finger cots are used in ESD sensitive applications, where static resistance is of the utmost importance to avoid contamination.

General-use finger cots are not to be used to protect severe injuries and they are not intended to be tear-resistant or reusable. You should dispose of the cots properly or recycle them after use. However, most industrial grade cots are reusable and made to resist cuts and abrasions. Finger cots may not tolerate hot or cold substances nor should they be trimmed to a smaller size. Additionally, they should not be too tight or worn for long periods of time as they may stop your blood circulation.

Finger cots are available in sealed packages and are sterilized for immediate use. Care must be taken while handling them to avoid contamination.

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