Face Shields

Industrial face shields are items of safety gearthat are designed to protect your eyes and face from a variety of work-related hazards. Like safety gogglesand safety glasses, face shields are made to offer you protection from small flying objects, flying particles, dust, wind, heat, sparks and splash from molten materials, acid splash, chemical burns, abrasive blasting materials, glare and bright light. However this protective equipmentis built to cover your whole face and part of your neck, not just the eyes. Most types of face shields are made out of impact-resistant plastic or polycarbonate. The shields can be further coated with anti-abrasive coatingsand ultraviolet coatings. They offer some amount of protection against heat rays that are emitted in heat treatingand molten metal pouring operations.

Most face shields are fastened to your head with a separate adjustable strap that fits around the brow or with a strap that is attached to the face shield. Make sure that your face shield fits you properly and is comfortable. It shouldn't hinder your breathing, sight or speaking in any way and it shouldn't make you hot and sweaty while you are working. You should keep you face shield as clean as possible so your vision is never compromised.

There are various types of face shields available to the industrial sector with some of them being more of a helmetthan a shield. Some shields only have a small lens area to see through while others are made out of clear see-through plastic with a side viewing area. You can also get face shields that have air purifying respirators that are built into them. These face shields are ideal examples of protective equipmentas they also filter the air and are operated by batteries.

Face shields are commonly used by men and women in numerous types of industrial tasks such as torch cutting, metal pouring, furnace work, sand and shot blasting, heat treating, foundry, woodworking, grinding, machining, sanding, metal working, injection molding, paper processing, milling, spray painting, cement and stone cutting, mining, chemical processing, construction, road drilling, and chipping, etc. Welders use specially tinted and dark coated welding masksand welding helmetswhile they are working.

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