Ear Plugs

Ear plugs are inserted in the ear canals to help protect your hearing against medium to high noise levels. Most types of ear plugs are made out of soft and pliable PVC foam, which is non-toxic. They are rated as to how much noise in decibels they can keep out, and some ear plugs are also useful in the cold and wind as they help to keep the wind from blowing into your ears. They can also keep water out of your ears while swimming.

These items of protective equipment are relatively comfortable to wear and do not cause earaches or abrasions. Soft ridges along the bodies of the ear plugs ensure that the plugs are gripped tightly inside of the ears and do not fall out while you are working. Ear plugs come in pairs and some models are tied together by a lightweight, soft, braided cord that can be looped halfway around the neck. Other types of earplugs, usually disposable ear plugs, come in small boxes and they don't have any bindings holding them together.

Ear plugs are available in various attractive colors such as white, pink, green, and purple. These safety devices offer your ears protection against moisture and unwanted noise and they will not absorb any ear or external fluids, which could cause swelling. The shape and texture of the earplugs is such that they equalize the ear pressure and they do not move. Some types of ear plugs are washable and a good wash in warm water with suitable detergents is recommended before beginning a day''s work. It's not a good idea to put dirty ear plugs into your ears as they could cause an infection.

Ear plugs are worn by many types of workers in many types of industries where noise is present. Some of these jobs include construction work, manufacturing, assembly, shipping,machining, airport workers, road maintenance, target shooters, hunters, concert hall workers, musicians, and printing press shops, etc. Electronic ear plugs/devices are also available at a premium cost.

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