Ear Muffs

Ear muffs are items of protective equipment that look like headphones and are worn to seal off the ears from noises. The ear cups are generally made out of a soft and spongy material and have soft grip bands. These devices are important articles of ear protection as they are worn to block out medium to high intensity noise such as jet planes, pneumatic equipment, gunshots, construction equipment, factory equipment, and sirens, etc.

If you are working in a loud environment it is imperative that you use some type of safety gear to protect your hearing. This is needed because once you lose partial hearing you are never able to regain it, not even from surgical procedures. Ear muffs may also help to prevent hearing problems such as tinnitus.

There are basically two types of ear muffs that are used to protect workers ears. Thermal ear muffs are worn in cold weather to protect the ears from cold winds, snow and rain. Ear muffs that are used in extremely cold weather are generally lined with fleece. These ear muffs are more designed to keep you warm than they are to protect your hearing from noise. The ear muffs that are designed to protect your hearing are generally known as acoustic earmuffs. This protective equipmenthas ear cups that are built with sound deadening materials.

Some types of ear muffs are electronic and have sound cancellation devices built into them and other styles also provide entertainment and are fitted with AM/FM radio, so that workers can enjoy music while working. However, make sure that you do not play the music too loud or you will be defeating the purpose of the ear muffs and may even cause damage to your ears. Push-to-listen ear muffs have a button that users can push to safely hear someone talk. The devices come with different features to protect workers. The headband is a soft spring type of thermoplastic or metal that does not cause any pain even after prolonged use.

Thermal ear muffs are worn by anybody who works in the cold, wind and rain to keep warm. Acoustic ear muffs are worn by men and women in any type of industry in which noise controlis needed. This could include airport workers, defense personnel, construction crews, road crews, maintenance workers, hunters, and target shooters.

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