Disposable Ear Plugs

Disposable ear plugs are pre-shaped ear plugs that are generally made out of soft, non-toxic material, such as foam, and are disposed of properly after use. The ear plugs are important items of protective equipment as they are designed to help save your hearing from unwanted and irritating noises.

These articles of ear protection are relatively comfortable to wear and they do not usually cause any earaches or irritations if they are used properly. They are oil-resistant, have a smooth skin with ridges and are tapered for easy insertion. To put them in your ears, you just squeeze them, insert them, and the foam will then expand to the shape of your ear canals. The shape and the texture of the ear plugs is such that they equalize the ear pressure and do not shift in your ears as you work. These ear plugs are very lightweight and cost very little to manufacture and buy.

Some types of disposable ear plugs are tied with a soft and lightweight cord so you can hang them around your neck when you are not wearing them. This is ideal for forgetful people as it makes them hard to lose. Disposable ear plugs are used as protection against moisture and noise and they are very important items of work wear as once you lose your hearing you can never get it back, not even with surgery. Ear and external fluids are not absorbed by these ear plugs. However, you must remember that these ear plugs are disposable, so you should really only wear them once and then dispose of them. If you wear dirty ear plugs, they may lead to an ear infection. Ear plugs are sold in pairs and can usually be bought in a small box and even in poly-packs, which have many pairs inside. Ear plugs are rated as to how much noise in decibels they can keep out and some ear plugs are designed to keep out water and the wind. These are handy for swimming.

Disposable ear plugs are worn by many men and women around the world as a form of noise protection. You will often see these devices of safety gear being worn by construction workers, manufacturing workers, concert hall workers, musicians, assembly workers, shipping and storage workers, airport workers, city workers, road crews, maintenance workers, hunters, target shooters, and printing press operators, etc. Disposable ear plugs may also be worn at home, and it's not uncommon for some husbands and wives to have a box of them handy.

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