Disposable Coveralls

Disposable coveralls are articles of work wear that are discarded after the day's work has been completed. This is usually because they are so dirty or soiled that the can not be washed and used again or because they are worn in a very sterile environment. These coveralls are usually less expensive than the regular cotton coveralls. Such types of coveralls are worn as outerwear as they are made to fit over your regular clothes or work clothes, and are generally used as protection against things such as air borne particles, non-corrosive liquid splashes, static or where sterilized apparel is very important in areas like laboratories.

They are also used commonly by employees and visitors to places such as the process areas of nuclear power plants, fiberglass manufacturing and handling, asbestos manufacturing, food processing plants, metal surface treating, paint spraying booths, labs, bio-hazardous handling, clean rooms, medical and operating theaters, the pharmaceutical industry, nontoxic acids and liquid handling, etc. Because of the nature of disposable coveralls they are usually always worn as work coveralls and not as casual wear or for performing house hold chores.

Disposable coveralls are made of a variety of materials such as Tyvek, polyethylene and coated polypropylene, etc. Multiple layers of the material are stitched together to make the coveralls breathable and usable in hot and humid conditions. They generally come with added features such as protective hoods with full-face masks and elastic wrists and ankles, along with booties. These coveralls really do cover you all over and not just from the neck down to the ankles like most other styles of coveralls. For extreme environment wear, disposable coveralls can also be fitted with a breathing apparatus. They can be bought in bulk in cases or ordered individually.

These disposables come in various sizes and designs and may also be custom made to suit your needs. Like all other types of coveralls and work clothes, they should fit you loosely so they don't hinder your movement in any way while you are working. Because disposable coveralls may be very dirty or wet when you are finished wearing them make sure that you dispose of them properly as their name suggests.

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