Coveralls, sometimes known as boiler suits, are protective, single-piece articles of work clothing that have an upper section like a shirt and a lower portion like pants. These are integrated into one article of clothing. As the name suggests, they basically cover and protect your whole body from your neckline down to your ankles. Coveralls are often referred to as overalls, but overalls are a little different as they don't generally cover your arms. Coveralls are worn over top of your regular clothes while you are working. These durable work clothes are designed to give your clothing protection from various things such as dirt, dust, hazardous chemicals and paint spills. Coveralls are used in both outdoor and indoor work.

There are many types of workers who wear coveralls on a daily basis as their work uniform. Typical wearers of overalls at work may include: workers on the shop floor, garage mechanics, airplane mechanics, welders, carpenters, maintenance crews of airports, hospitals, road repair workers, painters, fire fighters and other people who are engaged in repair work, etc. Coveralls are made of a variety of materials such as cotton and polyester. Tyvek coveralls and Nomex coveralls have properties such as: thermal insulation, water proofing and snow proofing, fire and flame-retardants, etc

The type of coveralls that you wear will depend on what type of work you do. If you work outdoors you may want to wear a pair of insulated coverallsthat have water repellent properties. If you work indoors or in a warm climate you will probably appreciate a lightweight, breathable pair of cotton coveralls. If you work in a very dirty area and your coveralls are hard to clean then you may want to wear a pair of disposable coveralls. Whatever style of coveralls you are wearing you should make sure that they fit loosely over your clothing and aren't too tight as you will need to have a good range of motion to perform your duties.

Coveralls generally come with two-way zippers at the top and also for the legs, as well as large, deep zipped or open pockets to store and carry various work tools and personal items. With suitable accessories such as work gloves, bootsand full-face helmets, workers can operate securely knowing that they are protected from any normal work hazards. Coveralls can also be ordered in the company uniformcolors and with logos and monograms and names embroidered on them. They are also available in various sizes, styles and colors.

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