Coats have been worn as a form of outerwear by men, women and children all over the world since ancient times. They are worn to protect people from the outside environment and from hazardous inside environments. Coats are made out of a wide variety of fabrics such as: wool, cotton, cotton/polyester blends, nylon, leather, and neoprene, etc. Coats often worn by people who have to venture outside for their work. This includes many types of workers and jobs such as construction workers, city workers, service station workers, customs officers, toll booth collectors, policemen, firefighters, maintenance workers, builders, miners, delivery drivers, telephone workers, cable television workers, and satellite installers, etc. Coats are sometimes also worn as formal attire and as casual work wear in some types of jobs.

Coats come in many different sizes, colors, designs, and styles. Coats are usually of hip length or they may be longer and come down to the knees. Buttons, zippers or Velcro straps are generally used to close the front flaps of the coat. Most coats have pockets on the front flaps, along with a breast pocket or watch pocket and an inner pocket. The cuffs are normally open with dress buttons. Some coats also come with attached or detachable hoods to keep your head warm.

People who live and work in the extreme cold often wear coats that have a fleece lining to keep them warm and dry. People who work in dry and cold weather usually wear coats that are made from wool with fleece-lined collars and wrists. Coats have an inside linen layer that protects the main coat fabric from perspiration and also keeps people warm. Some coats will also come with removable liners that can be taken out if you get too warm and put back in when it gets cooler. Soft mild padding may be provided for the linen and shoulders to give a well-rounded appearance and to make the coat fit well. Leather coats are made of supple lambskin or tough cowhide.

Some coats are made for specific weather conditions. You can easily find coats that are water repellant and designed for wearing in the rain, as well as coats that are specifically designed for winter wear, and summer wear, etc. Many companies will order custom coats which have the company logo sewn into them and perhaps the person's name also.

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