Chemical Suits

Chemical suits are a very important part of chemical protection work wear and safety gear . These specially designed and constructed items of safety gear are work wear suits that are designed to provide men and women with full chemical protection . This protective equipment is worn by personnel who work in hazardous chemical environments, near or in chemical spill areas, chemical warfare zones, special laboratories and test zones. These suits are also known as HAZMAT suits

Chemical hazards are classified, as Levels A and level B. Level B hazards require the highest level of respiratory protection that is available however skin protection needs are not as crucial in this level of chemical emergency. The type of clothing to be used includes self contained breathing apparatus, hooded chemical- resistant overalls, coveralls with long sleeved jackets, chemical-splash suits or chemical-resistant disposable coveralls.

Level A chemical hazards pose the greatest dangers to humans for respiratory, skin and eye damage from toxic particulates, vapors, gases, splash, immersion and contact. Complete encapsulation in a vapor-tight chemical suit with a SCBA is highly recommended in these instances.

Typically, the chemical protection work wear and accessories are made out of Tyvek, rubber and PVC since these materials provide high barrier protection, are abrasion resistant, lightweight and are impervious to chemicals. Seams are typically heat-sealed and covered with coated chemical strips. Front, double lock, shrouded zippers, shrouded exhaust ports and boot flaps complete the accessories . The face shield is made of clear PVC. When the chemical suit is sealed up, the wearer is totally isolated from the outside atmosphere. The suit is designed so that nothing can get in however almost nothing, including body heat and sweat can get out either. These suits can be made of up to a dozen protective layers.

There are different types of chemical suits that are needed for different types of chemicals. This makes it very important that the chemical protection of personnel working in hazardous environments is the right type. Trained personnel and experts in this field must select the right type of chemical suit for them to wear. The suit should fit you properly and it should be thoroughly checked for any type of damage before it is worn. It also has to allow you the freedom of movement that you need to perform your type of job.

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