Chemical Protection

Protection against chemicals, toxic and corrosive fluids and radioactive substances is a very challenging area for the safety gear and work clothes sectors. Men and women who are exposed to such hazardous fluids and gases at work and at home are often in great physical danger as the effects of certain chemicals are very severe and in some cases they can prove to be fatal. Because deadly chemicals can enter your body through the skin, chemical protection involves not only protection for the skin and the body, but also for the eyes and for the respiratory organs. Full chemical suits , chemical gloves and chemical resistant gloves are common articles of chemical protection.

Full body chemical suits are made out of various impermeable materials such as Neoprene, PVC and rubber. The suits generally include gloves, booties, full-face hoods and respirators for complete chemical protection. Military personnel who are stationed in war zones and those who are operating in chemical warfare areas often have only the self-contained chemical suits to protect them.

Personnel handling chemical spills often use chemical foams, powders and spill containment devices, in addition to chemical safety gear . If there is the danger of chemical vapors, the SCBA apparatus needs to be worn. The proper cleaning and disposal of used chemical work wear is very important because units exposed to harmful chemicals and bacteria can cause widespread contamination and infection, if exposed to the public.

For chemical protection to be effective it has to be in proper working order. This means that it should be checked thoroughly to make sure that there are no holes, rips, tears and cracks in any of the protective equipment and work wear . The chemical protection gear also has to fit you properly and comfortably for it to be effective. The clothing and equipment that you wear shouldn't restrict your movement in any way. This will make it possible to perform your job properly. It is essential that you are using the proper items of chemical protection for the job that you are doing. You have to make sure that the safety gear is able to protect you against the specific chemicals that you will be working with.

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