Chef Clogs

Chefs, cooks and other assorted personnel who are involved in kitchen work and food preparation often wear chef clogs while they are working. These shoes look like slip-ons as they do not have any shoelaces. A clog is a style of shoe or sandal that is made predominantly out of wood. However, chef clogs, and most types of clogs these days, are generally made of good quality, box leather uppers. Clogs are often worn in some working environments as safety shoes and are considered to be healthy for the feet.

The footwear is usually lightweight and skid free to help stop you slipping on wet kitchen floors. These shoes should fit very comfortably and let you wear them all day long without any pain. The instep collars should be generously padded and the insteps should be soft and anatomically molded for a good and precise fit. The toe box is roomy and reinforced with a rocker bottom, anti-skid sole. The insole absorbs any perspiration and sweat. The back of chef clogs can be either open or closed type. Chef clogs may be worn as a part of a chef uniform or worn independently.

These chef shoes are available in various popular colors such as: black, red, lime, orange, purple, turquoise, fuchsia, etc. The clogs also are available for both men and women in a variety of sizes. A rigid heel counter works like a natural shoehorn and the heel lifts freely up and down as the chef walks. The clogs should be waterproof and grease proof to keep them clean from any spills in the kitchen. If the clogs do get dirty, they can usually be cleaned up with simple soap and water. You should also polish them regularly to give them a shiny and neat look and to give them a longer lasting life.

You need to make sure that your chef clogs are the right size for your feet and that they do not slip off while you are walking in them. The shoes should be comfortable and they shouldn't cause your feet any kind of blisters or irritation.

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