Chef Aprons

Chef aprons are a critical component in a chef's uniform as they are worn over other essential food service apparel such as chef shirts and chef pants. Chef aprons are designed to protect the chef and his work clothes from getting soiled and stained in the kitchen through contact with food and various cooking equipment. At the same time, the apron ensures that the food preparation is safe from any contamination by the chef.

There are several basic styles of chef aprons such as full-bib or full-length aprons and half-aprons that are tied from the waist down. Chef aprons are available in a wide range of colors, designs, sizes and materials. While cotton aprons are quite common, they tend to stain and wear out very quickly. Hence, cotton blends are the preferred material for aprons, as they can endure a lot more wear and tear.

Today chefs can choose from a broad range of apron designs such as: reversible, scoop neck, square waist, scalloped waist, v-neck tuxedo, tapered, half bistro, four-way apron and several others. However, the traditional white apron is still the preferred color for some food establishments.

Most chef aprons are wrinkle-free and also come equipped with several front pockets to stock small essential kitchen tools such as knives, forks, spoons, and can openers. Most of them also have side slits through which the chef has easy access to internal pant pockets, as well as tangle-free strings to tie-up the apron.

You will find that most chefs like to wear aprons to keep their work clothes clean, but just about all employees working in the kitchen will wear them while performing their duties. This includes dishwashers, cooks and sous chefs. Sometimes dishwashers will wear water proof aprons to help them keep their clothing dry. An apron may seem like a simple piece of work wear, but you still have to wear it properly. A loose fitting apron could easily get caught on a piece of kitchen equipment and cause an accident, so make sure that your apron is properly tied. Aprons can be washed and worn again however some establishments will dispose of them after they have been worn a few times.

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