Bump Hats

Bump hats are baseball-type caps that are generally worn in non-hazardous areas such as meter reading, food processing, meat packaging, pest control, car repair garages and while playing outdoor sports. They are also items of protective equipment that help to protect the scalp against lacerations which may be caused by rubbing or bumping your head against hard and dangerous surfaces. These items should not be used as replacements for hard hats or helmets as they do not adequately protect the head against falling objects, nor do they protect against any falls which may occur.

Your bump hat should fit you comfortably and it should also be well ventilated. Many types of bump hats have mesh panels to keep you cool while working. Usually one size fits all and special sizes are available for children, and many have room for minor adjustments. The exteriors of bump hats are generally made out of polyester, cotton, brushed cotton, or cotton-based polymers and the interiors usually feature foam or plastic liners. Logos, messages and signs can be printed on the hats and they make great marketing giveaways on special occasions.

There are some bump hats available that resemble hard hats instead of baseball caps as they are also made out of plastic. These bump hats are also well ventilated, come in many sizes and colors, and have internal terry cloth sweatbands to keep you cool and comfortable. However, these bump hats only resemble hard hats in appearance they do not meet hard hat safety standards and should not be worn as a hard hat.

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