Body Armor

Body armor has been used all over the world in one form or another for hundreds of years. The type of body armor that was worn many years ago was made out of animal hides, or metal pieces and metal chains. This type of body armor protected people against assaults with swords, arrows, rocks and spears. This armor, however, was very heavy and extremely uncomfortable to wear. However, it did save many lives.

Modern body armor is now made of very strong, but lightweight materials such as Kevlar, carbon, and advanced ceramics. These materials are designed to protect people from light weapon fire and knife attacks. Body armor is commonly used as protective equipment and safety gear by men and women throughout the world in select types of jobs such as the hunters, the military, police officers, security, and government law enforcement agencies. Because the world today can often be a dangerous place you will also find that many people such as celebrities, politicians and even criminals also use body armor as a part of their daily work wear. Some types of body armor, such as bullet proof vests are also worn by athletes and other types of workers to protect injured or broken ribs from further damage.

Body armor comes in both soft and flexible types and hard and rigid types. It is generally used to cover a person's upper torso, including the stomach, chest and back. If required, additional protection with thigh and knee guards, forearm guards, bulletproof helmets with visors, etc. can be used for full body protection.

Regular casual wear may also be transferred into body armor as bullet proof and impact-proof pieces and sheets are often stitched inside regular clothing to make jackets and vests into items of body armor. While the apparel may often look quite bulky, body armor is generally lightweight and, most importantly, it protects its wearer from bullets and sharp implements.

Body armor is available in a variety of sizes, designs and colors and it can be fitted for both men and women. It is important that your items of body armor fit you properly and don't restrict your movement in any way. It is hard to fend off an attack if you cannot move with speed and agility. Make sure that your items of body armor have been thoroughly tested and that they are suitable for the type of job you are doing. An article of body armor that is only suited for knife attacks will not do you much good if you go hunting with Dick Cheney.

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