Bib Overalls

Bib overalls, or dungarees as they are called in some parts of the world, are overalls that have a front patch of cloth that covers the chest with suspenders or braces. The design of this patch of cloth resembles a baby's bib. The bib section can be unattached and folded down. Bib overalls cover your chest, waist and legs, but they do not cover your arms. These overalls are generally worn as protective work wear industy industrial and outdoor environments. They protect from various types of work hazards and dirt such as fuel, oil, grease, mud, and paint splashes etc. Carpenters, construction workers, farmers, loggers, painters, plasterers, railroad workers, and personnel engaged in maintenance work often use bib overalls.

These types of overalls are available in different sizes and colors for use by men and women. Bib overalls are very durable and are suitable for rugged indoor and outdoor use. They are generally made from blue bull denim or cotton. Double knees are also usually provided and fastening is done with zippers, snap buttons or Velcro. These overalls usually have two large, deep front pockets and the chest bib is usually pocketed too. This allows workers to store and carry various personal items and work related tools, etc.

Bib overalls have been around since the 1700s and were very common in the American south and Midwest. They are often associated with country music, sharecroppers, prison chain gangs and rural America. When overalls were first worn, they were often referred to as slops and because they were made at a very low cost, many people looked down upon those people who wore them. Years ago, the color of the overalls was associated with the person's occupation. Painters and plasterers wore white overalls, farmers wore blue or brown overalls and railway workers wore pinstriped overalls.

Bib overalls are also great for casual wear and about 20 to 30 years ago they were very popular and fashionable articles of clothing. Your overalls should fit you comfortably and they shouldn't hinder movement of the body when you are wearing them. These overalls can be worn for strenuous work, such as moving heavy loads, working in the garden, while doing home maintenance work or working in the home garage, etc. They are also great for outdoor activities and rough games.

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