Back Supports

Back supports are devices that are used to support a person's back while they are lifting loads or to support muscles that are already injured. A sore back is one of the main reasons for lost productivity and performance in most industries throughout the world. Sportsmen, loggers and other people who do doing heavy-lifting for a living will often wear back supports while they are working.

However, it isn't just people who do physical work for a living that get backaches on the job. Many computer programmers and people who spend a lot of time working at a desk and on a computer are also prone to sore the occasional sore back. So are people such as truck drivers and taxi drivers who basically sit down for a living. People who spend long hours working at a desk also need proper ergonomic support on their chairs to support their backs. In many cases, adopting the wrong sitting posture will either cause or aggravate the back problem.

Many sportsmen and sportswomen who are involved in physically demanding sports such as weightlifting, wrestling, discus throw, baseball, football, and ice hockey often need to use these supporting devices to protect the muscles from tearing and to help stop other types of injuries. Desk bound workers can also use plastic belts and soft rubber beads to help relieve the back muscles during prolonged sitting sessions.

One of the most common types of back supports is an electronically or battery operated seat-type of device. This is basically a portable seat cover that is designed to massage and heat your back and upper legs. These back supports can be plugged into a regular wall socket for use at home and at work and they can also plug into a cigarette lighter in an automobile so you can use it while you are driving.

There are many types other of back supports and simple devices such as belts, braces, and collars, etc. are used often as supports. Most of these items fasten securely around the back and chest or have loops running around the shoulders. Some other simple items that are also used as back supports include rolled up towels and pillows.

The back is a very delicate part of your body and before you use any type of back support it is recommended that you visit a doctor. If you use the wrong type of back support you may actually do more harm to your back than good.

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