For indoor wear or outer, you may see people in different types of industry wearing these aprons - however it is mainly in the medical sector, restaurant industry, food preparation and food processing sectors where they are consistently worn. It is common for people such as chefs, cooks, waiters, waitresses, dishwashers, butchers, bartenders, and food servers, etc. to wear an apron during food preparation, cleaning and serving. Aprons are also commonly used in various factory processes such as carpentry, painting, grinding, welding and sanding, etc.

To many people, an apron is an apron, however there are various types and styles of them. Some common types of aprons are chef apron, barbecue apron, bib apron, cooking apron, kitchen apron, custom apron, personalized apron, waist apron and restaurant apron. Most people wear an apron at work and at home to help protect their clothes or work clothes from getting soiled and stained through contact with food and various cooking utensil and equipment. At the same time, aprons are also designed to make sure that the food is safe from any contamination through person. Aprons can also enhance efficiency as most of them come with apron pocket which serve as mobile storage spaces for small kitchen items.

There are three basic styles of aprons which are cobbler aprons, bib aprons, and waist aprons. A full-length bib apron will fit over your clothes from your neck and go down to your knees; a waist apron is tied from the waist down. Cobbler style aprons are actually short full-bib aprons that cover both the front and back portion of your body and are popular in restaurants and cafeterias around the world.

Some aprons can also aid in marketing by emblazoning the company logo on them. Aprons are available in a range of colors, designs, sizes and materials. While cotton, polyester, and linen blends are generally the most common, aprons are also made in canvas, lead, leather and rubber. Today, aprons are also reversible with one to seven pocket options. Dishwashers often wear rubberized aprons that are liquid repellant as do people who are working with chemicals. Lead aprons are used by x-ray technicians and patients who are being x-rayed.

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