Wolverine Boots

In one form or another, Wolverine has been in the shoe business and boot making craft since 1883 and their shoes are designed to keep on going even in the toughest working conditions. Created with their patented comfort technologies such as the Wolverine DuraShocks and the Wolverine Fusion, the men''s and women''s work shoes , casual footwear and outdoor sport footwear are built for maximum fit and comfort. The company has separate footwear lines for men, women and youths.

In 1921 the Hirth-Krause Company changed its name to Wolverine Shoe and Tanning Corporation and began to grow. During the Second World War, Wolverine went to work for the U.S. Navy by developing and supplying them with pigskin gloves. In 1964 the company was renamed to Wolverine World Wide, Inc., and in 1997 Wolverine acquired the global license for Coleman footwear.

Made from fine-grained leather, Wolverine's work shoes and boots are made to protect you against electrical hazards. Some models are ideal to be worn as safety gear and as protective equipment as they come with built in composite steel toes and metatarsal guards. Many types of boots are made out of materials such as Thinsulate and GoreTex.Most of the work footwear is waterproof and the soles are slip resistant and static dissipating. Wolverine boots are ideal for indoor and outdoor workers in many types of working and weather environments as they are designed to be durable, rigged, strong and versatile.

Wolverine started making and selling the Harley Davidson brand of shoes and boots in 1998. Wolverine makes a wide array of footwear in a variety of styles, colors, materials, sizes and designs. Wolverine has offices in North America, the Middle East, South America, Barbados, China, Europe, Israel, Japan, Russia, Taiwan, Trinidad, and Turkey. You can buy Wolverine work wear through many retail and online outlets throughout the world. You can also by the products directly from the Wolverine website.

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