Superfeet originated in 1977, when it grew out of the Northwest Podiatric Laboratory in Washington State. The company makes quality non-prescription orthotics for skiers and also makes custom insoles for all types of work shoes and work boots . Superfeet's extensive product line also includes over the counter Trim-to-Fit insoles, and DressFit inserts. The specialty non-prescription orthotics is designed to alleviate the wearer's foot stress and pain. The company has done extensive research in Podiatric sports medicine and offers top quality insoles for shoes shoes for: casual wear, skiing, hiking, jogging and other adventure sports.

Superfeet insoles use the patented Stabilizer Capsule that firmly and gently supports and positions the foot. The Deep Heel Cup and special Insole Shape help absorb shock. The special Holofiber fabric reduces heat and friction to keep the feet comfortable for daylong wear. The insole is made out of firm and supportive material that supports the feet perfectly even after prolonged use. The patented capsule and deep heel pocket centers the foot, neutralizes pronation and allows a fat pad under the heel to naturally cushion impact.

The Superfeet insoles act like a mattress for your feet and offer them proper balance and support while you are working. Many types of workers suffer from foot related pain and injuries every day. These include people such as industrial workers, manufacturing workers, law enforcement personnel, fire fighters, flight attendants, retail clerks, restaurant workers, healthcare workers, and teachers. People who wear dress shoes at work also suffer from a lot of foot pain. Superfeet insoles are designed to be one of the most effective ways to treat feet conditions such as plantar fasciitis. They are also designed to help keep your feet, legs, knees, and lower back healthy while you are working and playing.

Superfeeet insoles come in a wide array of sizes and colors. If you want a custom pair of insoles you will have to visit a dealer. If you want to buy an over the counter set of insoles then you can buy them online directly from Superfeet's website along with many other online retailers.

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