Peaches Uniforms

Peaches Uniforms is the manufacturer of well known and popular work wear and work uniforms for today''s female health care professionals. Peaches designs practical medical uniforms and scrubs that are designed to keep you comfortable for the entire day. The company emphasizes fashion and individuality in the design of their work wear without compromising its fit and function. Because durability is essential to your work uniform, Peaches uses some of the highest quality of soil release fabrics that are available.

Peaches scrub wear offers the latest in fresh styles, fashion colors, and coordinating prints. The company's product line does not end with medical scrubs and nursing uniforms as they also offer various other health care basics in fashion separates, warmups, jackets, skirts, lab wear, accessories and group dresses. Peaches Uniforms are designed to offer quality and value pricing with a look that is confident, professional, and fashionable.

The work clothes are made out of various types of materials such as cotton and polyester blends for lightness, strength, versatility and durability. The work wear is also breathable to keep you cool and dry while you are working your shift. The clothing is also made to be both wrinkle resistant and stain resistant. Because it is available in solid colors and breathtaking fresh prints, the garments always have a fresh feel to them. The company constantly brings out new designs and creations in a broad array of styles ranging from floral, prints and solid colors. The uniforms retain their colors even after repeated washes and being sanitized.

Peaches work wear is also available in a wide array of sizes. Peaches has an online descriptive catalogue of its products however you cannot buy them directly from the website. The work clothes are available in over 2000 retail and online outlets throughout many parts of the world.

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