Magnum Boots

Beginning 15 years ago, Magnum work shoes and work boots have been worn as uniform footwear by men and women in many types of outdoor and indoor industries. These include jobs such as: law enforcement, the military, fire fighting, rescue crews, and emergency medical teams around the world. The company's collection of work shoes and work boots are also worn as safety footwear by construction, trade and industrial personnel. Magnum is a division of Hi-Tec Sports USA, Inc., and the company's work wear is distributed in over 70 countries around the world.

The company has been making work boots however for over 25 years and they are worn by men and women in a variety of indoor and outdoor industrial and non industrial jobs. The footwear is designed to be tough, strong, rugged and durable. Insulated and water repellent models are also available.

Magnum boots often have a soft-top layer that takes the anatomical contours of the foot, a higher-density bottom layer that forms a foot cradle for extra stability under the arch and an impact absorbing shock pad under the heel. The waterproof uppers sometimes have a breathable Sympatex bootie to make the shoes comfortable, even in prolonged wet conditions.

A Cambrelle moisture-wicking lining ensures the ultimate in moisture control. A CoolMax layer removes sweat to the outer layers for easy evaporation. The unique four channel fibers offer good breathing features, even when the shoes or boots are wet. Other materials that add to the comfort of Magnum footwear include: Vibram, Thinsulate, Thermo-Dri, Sympatex, Kevlar, eVENT, Dri-Lex and CoolMax.

Magnum makes footwear in a wide variety of sizes, styles, designs, materials and colors. Some of the company's most popular footwear designs belong to the M series and the Classic series of footwear. You can but Magnum footwear, apparel and other company products through various retailers and online stores. You can see a full catalogue of Magnum products on the company website and the website will lead you to an online dealer.

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