Landau Uniforms

Started in 1938, Landau Uniforms supplies some of the most popular and well known work uniforms for industrial workers and health care professionals. The company started out by selling work uniforms to service station and garage workers from door to door. A few years later the company began to focus on health care clothing instead of work clothing. Landau started to make lab coats in its own retail store in Memphis, Tennessee and business began to grow.

In the 1980s the company was the first to introduce colors and prints to its line of medical scrubs . Today, Landau makes some of the best selling, high quality, discount scrubs , nursing scrubs and specialty hospital scrubs for health care professionals of both sexes and for children. They also make culinary professional apparel, dresses, skirts, pants, maternity clothes, medical clogs and various accessories. The company develops innovative products with regular interactions from its employees, who remain one of the company''s key strengths.

The work wear is made out of materials such as cotton and cotton polyester blends, which is designed to retain its colors even after repeated washes and after being sanitized. The apparel, available in unisex and for men and women, is valued for its comfortable feel, generous fit and eye-catching prints and colors. The work wear is designed to be lightweight, but strong and durable. It is also breathable to keep you dry and cool while performing your duties.

Landau work wear and work uniforms are also available in a wide range of sizes, styles and designs. The company also manufactures specialty brands for men and full figured people. The company has a descriptive online catalogue of its work wear on its website however you cannot buy the products directly from Landau. It does sell its products via retail sites and online sites throughout North America.

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