LaCrosse Boots

LaCrosse Footwear, Inc. designs, manufactures and markets premium quality rubber , leather and vinyl footwear for sporting, recreational and occupational markets. The company makes a variety of quality footwear such as: hunting boots, waders, work boots , cold weather pack boots and everyday footwear . The footwear can be worn as casual wear and while hunting, fishing and playing outdoors. The shoes and work boots are ideal for people who work outdoors in all types of terrain and weather conditions.

LaCrosse has been making footwear and apparel to keep people warm, dry, and comfortable since 1897. The company began by making rubber horseshoes in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The horseshoes quickly made way to rubber-coated fabrics and raincoats, which LaCrosse produced until 1906, when it switched over to rubber footwear . In 1994,

LaCrosse acquired the Danner Shoe Manufacturing Co., and in 2001 LaCrosse moved to Portland, Oregonto join forces with Danner Inc.

Quality is built into each shoe that is manufactured by LaCrosse and the rugged footwear allows people to work and play comfortably outdoors. The Quad Comfort boots are very comfortable and are designed to feel good, for not only the feet, but also the whole body. With 4WD Reinforcement, the shoes have interchangeable liners with double or triple insulation, an air grip outsole and kinetic comfort insole.

LaCrosse footwear comes in a wide range of sizes, colors, designs and styles for men and women of all ages and for children. LaCrosse footwear is available through many retail outlets and online clothing stores throughout North America, Europe, Russia, South America, the West Indies, Central America, Europe and Japan. The company also sells its products online on its own website.

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