Howard Leight

Started more than thirty years ago, Howard Leight is one of the leading manufacturers of in-ear hearing protection in the world. The company makes a variety of ear protection devices such as earmuffs , foam plugs, disposable earplugs, and earplugs for industry personnel who find themselves working in noisy environments. The Howard Leight brand is well known around the world for its comfort and safety. The company has a complete line of single-use, multiple-use, detectable and banded earplugs , which also includes options for the material, shape, and size. Like Uvex, Howard Leight is a Bacou Dalloz Company.

Many types of workers need to use ear protection while they are working. This includes men and women in assembly jobs, construction work, manufacturing jobs, maintenance crews, road crews, shipping and storage, transportation jobs, musicians, arena staff, and the military, etc. In fact these devices of ear protection are common in any type of job that requires some sort of noise control. Ear protection is very important at work as you can never regain any of your hearing loss, not even with surgical procedures.

Howard Leight's earmuffs are made of a tough, stress-resistant steel frame that is built to last. Featuring padded foam headbands and soft, slow-recovery ear cushions that offer a form fitting seal, the earmuffs provide longwearing comfort. The earmuffs can fit on a slotted hard hat and are also available as cap mounted and as die electric for working around electricity.

Howard Leight makes earplugs in a variety of colors, designs, and sizes. Made of soft foam, pliable plastic or silicone, the tapered plugs do not cause irritation to the ear canal as they expand softly to fill the space. The earplugs are available as disposables or reusables (after washing).

Howard Leight has an online descriptive catalogue of its products however you can't buy them directly from the company.

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