Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen is a well-known clothing company which specializes in sportswear, survival gear and work wear. The company makes most of its clothing for outdoor workers and enthusiasts who are interested in extreme sports and adventure. The work clothes that Helly Hansen makes are ideal for men and women who work in forestry, farming, fishing, offshore food processing, the sea industry, construction, service, IMS and corporate environments.

Helly Hansen makes an assortment of quality clothing lines such as: body wear, fiber pile, fleece, waterproof wear, lined shell, thermal wind wear, cotton, and flotation and survival wear. In many cases, the appropriate Helly Hansen apparel can make all of the difference in extreme weather conditions. Helly Hanson apparel is used for protection against wet, cold and foul weather and is also worn to protect against heat and flames. The company also makes a line of high visibility clothing, life jackets, inflatable life jackets and buoyancy aids. Helly Hanson also makes seafaring and water sport adventure gear. Their creations for coastal sailing, racing and for people in offshore food processing find widespread use.

Helly Hansen produces a wide range of work wear such as work pants, work gloves, hats, coveralls, jackets, coats, overalls, shirts, socks, balaclavas, survival suits and bags.
The cold wear clothing is made up of three layers. These include a base layer, a thermal layer and a protection layer. These layers add considerably to the comfort of the people who are exposed to cold and wet climate.

Helly Hansen has a world wide presence as the company has offices located throughout North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Korea. You can buy Helly Hansen products throughout the world at many retail outlets and via online clothing websites. The company has an online descriptive catalogue of its work wear however you cannot buy it directly online from Helly Hansen.

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