Dickies Work Wear

Dickies work wear features a full and wide range of clothing items such as: shirts, pants, coveralls, overalls, scrubs, medical scrubs, nursing scrubs, jackets, coats, hats, vests, work shoes, jeans, shorts, and school uniforms. The clothing is made to be worn by men and women in all types of work industries. These work clothes are commonly worn by: people such as painters, plumbers, doctors, nurses, maintenance crews, construction crews, restaurant workers, machine shop workers, assembly line workers, manufacturing workers, transportation workers, shipping and storage workers, maintenance workers, earth moving equipment operators, and office workers, etc.

The work wear is made of out of various types of material such as denim, cotton and tough, durable cotton and polyester twill. Dickies work wear is permanently pressed with a permanent crease. This gives a slim, professional and trim look for the workers to make them look and feel better while doing their jobs. The work clothes can be machine-washed and are designed to have a comfortable fit.

Dickies work wear is designed to be strong, rugged, tough and durable. Many of the pants have knees that are double reinforced for personnel who frequently need to kneel. The work wearis also breathable to keep you cool and dry while on the job. Many of the work wear items can be worn individually and as part of a work uniform. Hooded jackets, insulated work wear and winter work wear are also available for people who have to work in colder climates. The work wear comes in a wide assortment of sizes, colors, designs and styles for both sexes and some unisex models are also available.

The range of colors includes: blue, khaki, red, brown, white, and black, etc.

Dickies work wear is available through many retail and online outlets throughout the world and you can also buy the work clothes online directly from the company's website. A product number identifies each product. While ordering, you can specify this number along with the size.

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