Dickies Work Shorts

Work shorts are ideal items of work wear for men and women who work in warm climates and for people who work in jobs where leg protection is not essential.

Dickies work shorts are very popular and can be worn as work clothes as well as casual wear and fashion wear. The work shorts are made out of a variety of materials such as durable cotton polyester-blend, twill, stain release fabric, denim, and cotton. The shorts are permanently pressed and retain their color even after repeated machine-washes. They have elastic waists with lock stitched hems and non-roll waistbands.

Dickies makes a wide assortment of work shorts including models such as painter's shorts, utility shorts, stone washed shorts, double seated shorts, cell phone pocket shorts, traditional shorts, industrial shorts, pleated shorts and cargo shorts. These work shorts may be worn individually and as part of a work uniform.

The work shorts are available in various solid colors such as khaki, blue, black, brown, white, charcoal and other shades. Some models of shorts come with five deep, roomy pockets and a special pocket for cell phones. The work shorts are designed to be tough and durable and can stand a lot of wear and tear. The work shorts are often worn by people who are engaged in outdoor activities such as: hikers, rescue workers, cyclists, construction workers, and road workers, etc.

Dickies work shorts can be ordered individually and in bulk. You can order them from various retailers and online clothing sites around the world and you can also order them online directly from the Dickies website. They are available in different, styles, waist sizes and lengths for both men and women. Dickies work shorts are designed to be very comfortable, dry and cool in hot and sunny climates as they are also made to absorb sweat while you are working.

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