Dickies Scrubs

Medical personnel and many other men and women who work in the health care sector around the world wear Dickies scrubs as a part of their daily work uniform. Even patients who are undergoing rehabilitation, surgery or treatment can often be found wandering the halls of hospitals wearing Dickies scrubs. These items of work wear are available in matching pants and tops, but they may also be purchased as individual items. Dickies scrubs are made of out of cotton and cotton and polyester blends, the apparel breathes easily to make sure that it offers you the utmost in lightweight comfort. Organization logos, names and monograms can be printed or machine stitched on the work clothes to personalize them.

Common types of Dickies scrubs are: one and two pocket models, medical scrubs, snap front, v-neck Dickies uniforms and Dickies Flip Hip Scrubs styles. Plus, tops and elastic-waisted flare leg, Dickies nursing scrub pants, Dickies Everyday Unisex Scrub Top and pants, Ladies' Pull-On Pants, Everyday Ladies' Two Pocket Top, Hip Flip 100% Cotton Poke-A-Dot Mock Wrap Scrub Top and Hip Flip Boot Cut Scrub Pants.

Dickies scrubs are available in a variety of colors such as beige, blue, navy blue and other solid colors and they are also available in bright floral prints. The colors hold fast when the scrubs are machine-washed and when they are sterilized. Dickies scrubs are very popular with medical workers around the world as they are made for comfort, fit, style and durability.

Dickies scrubs are also available in an assortment of sizes for both men and women. A variety of Lab coats and medical shoes are also available for men and women to go along with the scrubs. For a complete catalogue of Dickies scrubs you can visit the company’s website, where you can also order the scrubs online.

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