Dickies Overalls

Dickies makes a wide variety of work clothes and if they do specialize in any particular type it may be overalls as Dickies started as an overall manufacturing company back in 1918. Even today, Dickies overalls are worn with pride by men and women all over the world in various work environments and as casual and fashionable clothing. The strong, versatile and durable overalls can often be found in many types of industrial sectors such as: workshops, manufacturing, carpentry, farming, logging, construction, mining, maintenance, hospitals, airports, shipping and storage, paint shops, mechanical shops, road building and transportation, etc.

Overalls are usually worn over a work shirt however in hot conditions many people wear overalls without a shirt to stay as cool as possible. The clothing is associated with farm work, country music and rural Americaas sharecroppers and railroad workers often wore overalls as work clothes in the south and Midwest.

Dickies overalls are available in the bib overall style. Bib overalls are one-piece articles of clothing that have a front patch of cloth that covers the chest (just like a baby''s bib) and have braces or suspenders that attach to keep them up. They are made of various fabrics such as bull denim, cotton and cotton/polyester twill. They also have ample room and deep riveted pockets to hold workers'' tools and personal items. Dickies also has a line of insulated overalls for working in colder environments. Stonewashed denim overalls are also available.

Dickies overalls are built to handle rugged work and are designed to keep you cool and dry while doing it. The overalls are available for men and women in a variety of sizes, colors, and designs. They can be bought through many retail and online work wear outlet in North Americaand throughout the world. They can also be bought online directly from the Dickies website.

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