Dickies Medical Scrubs

Medical scrubs were originally worn a few years ago by medical personnel who were scrubbing up in an operating theatre prior to performing surgery. The scrubs are designed to keep the operating room as hygienic as possible for both the medical staff and the patients. However, today you will find all kinds of medical and healthcare workers of both sexes wearing these simply designed, yet very durable articles of medical work wear.

When medical personnel around the world wear Dickies medical scrubs they feel comfortable and professional in them as they are designed to fit you properly, and keep you cool and dry while working. The medical scrubs feature pants , gowns, lab coats and tops that can be bought individually or in matching colors at discounts. Common types of Dickies medical scrubs are one and two pocket, Dickies medical scrubs and snap front and v-neck Dickies uniform scrubs. Dickies medical scrubs, made especially for women, include nursing scrubs pants, pull-on pants, and two-pocket tops, etc.

The pants can be fastened at the waist with drawstrings and they are also available in elastic waists. The common models are cargo pocketed, sand washed, boot cut or hip flip. The uniforms are available as unisex and can also be ordered separately for men and women in different waist and inseam sizes. The fabric used in Dickies medical scrubs is cotton, denim or polyester and cotton twill blend. Dickies medical scrubs are perma-pressed and can be machine-washed, sterilized and always fit comfortably.

Dickies medical scrubs are available in many colors, styles, designs and sizes for all types of medical workers. They can be bought in various retail outlets throughout the world and they can also be bought directly from the Dickies website and various other work wear websites. You can also buy medical shoes from Dickies to go with your medical scrubs.

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