Dansko is well known around the world for making highly crafted footwear such as clogs and sandals. The clogs have fully flexible, lightweight soles, richly padded insteps and the finest quality leather uppers to provide unmatched comfort and durability. They can be worn as casuals or regular office-wear. Dansko was started in 1991 after the owners secured the rights to a patented Danish clog. Since then, new shoes have been designed and new collections have been developed and within a few years Dansko footwear was being distributed in over 3500 retail locations around the world.

The company makes a wide range of footwear including men's, women's, chidren's, occupational, equestrian, and limited edition lines. Some of the more well known shoes that Dansko makes include these styles, Golden Gate, Sport Clog, Paddock, Hampton, Bay Bridge, Devon, Beacon Hill, South Street, Back Bay, SoHo and West End. The clogs are designed to be comfortable, durable and strong.

Because the choice of leather that is used is very important to a pair of clogs, Dansko uses some of the finest types available. These include: Box Leather, Cabrio Leather, Calf Leather, Croc Print Leather, Full-Grain Leather, Latigo Leather, Oiled Leather, Patent Leather, Pull-Up Leather, Rustic Leather, Suede Leather, Tumbled Leather, Veg-Tan Leather. Felt, denim and linen are also used in the making of the shoes.

Different qualities of the leather are worked upon to provide features such as: a rich, semi-gloss luster; to reveal original grain and surface characteristics; to create a dressier look and feel, with supple leather and to handle wet, acidic or greasy conditions. The footwear is available in a variety of attractive colors such as: red, black, forest green, Giraffe Motif Leather, burgundy, etc. The shoes also come in a wide range of styles, designs and sizes.

Dansko has a descriptive online catalogue of its products on the company website however you cannot buy the shoes there directly. The website will point buyers to its retail and online outlets.

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