Work Clothes

Work wear is sometimes a hard thing to choose, let alone locate. At Industrial 101 we have created a directory of work wear and safety gear that helps make it easier for you to find and easier to comparison shop the various items. We have grouped all of the work wear items into four categories:

Shop by Industry: This section includes work wear and safety gear for people such as nurses, doctors, restaurant employees and construction workers to disposable uniforms. From chef clogs, scrubs, work gloves, hair nets and safety goggles to welding helmets, it's all included here.

Shop by Garment Type: All you know is that you need to buy aprons for your kitchen crew, but you didn't realize that there were so many types of aprons to choose from… You've come to the right place, Industrial 101 provides information on selecting your work wear, such as types of pockets and work wear allergies, etc. Shopping by garment includes a wide variety of work clothes such as coveralls, footwear, hats, lab coats, jackets and vests.

Shop by Brand: There are many different brands listed here in Industrial 101, from Wolverine boots, Nursemates, Lacrosse boots, Carhartt and the infamous Dickies, they are all here.

Shop by Material:If you are looking for a certain type of fire retardant or bulletproof material, or perhaps just the strength and characteristics of leather, Nomex, Kevlar and Tyvek, then look no further as Industrial 101 has a section on clothing materials, including the benefits of specific materials to help you make sure that you and your work team are comfortable and safe in your jobs.

Industrial 101 is here to quickly provide all of your work wear needs and the information to help you make an educated choice when buying your work clothes and safety gear.

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