Walk Through Metal Detectors

Walk through metal detectors are security metal detectors that are employed in areas where security is vital. These types of security metal detectors are used all around the world to help prevent visitors/passengers/commuters from carrying any unwanted equipment into a building, vehicle or area with metal items which may be fatal to the public safety. These detectors are often used at points of entry and departure such as in airports, train stations, bus stations, schools, prisons, court houses and government offices, etc.

Walk through metal detectors are mostly used at security check posts for the detection of weapons, but they are also being used to prevent the loss of valuable property such as helping to detect people from stealing items such as jewelry from stores, etc.

Walk through metal detectors are built like door frames or archways that people walk through. These types of metal detectors are provided with light indicators and audio alarms to alert the supervisor if anybody who passes through it is carrying or wearing any type of metal device on their body. Metal detectors have microprocessors installed in the detection circuitry as well as the control circuits. It is wise to ensure that a walk through metal detector has uniform sensitivity all over so that it can detect metal from all possible directions.

However, some types of walk through metal detectors are built with doors and the person must enter through one door and leave through a second door. These are ideal for high security areas as the person is more or less trapped between doors if the alarm goes off.

Most modern metal detectors have enhanced features such as:

  • False alarms are reduced to less than five percent due to the use of improved mechanisms that can smartly classify different types of metals.
  • The interference rejection ratio and detection uniformity has been increased so that the metal detector can handle high traffic density.
  • The alarm alert time is quicker.
  • The reset speeds have been lowered and the alarm time is set to a minimum so that more people can be tested in less time.
  • Some metal detectors have been devised so that they are safe for passengers that have cardiac pacemakers to walk through them.

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