Sound Proofing

Sound proofing is one of the most common types of noise control and ear protection that is used around the globe. Sound proofing is the process of ensuring that a room or an enclosure is totally protected from any outside noise entering it or from any inside noise going out of it.

Some rooms need to be totally sound proof while other rooms will emit and let in some level of noise and these can be considered to be partially sound proof. Studios, recording rooms, broadcasting centers, various hospital rooms, phone booths and robot machining centers have to be made totally sound proof or partially sound proof. Sound proofing in submarines is very important because sound waves travel a long way in the water.

Sound proofing is done by using a combination of sound absorbing equipment and sound barrier equipment. There are various types of sound absorbing equipment available such as: acoustic tiles, linear wedges, sound barriers, Silex panels, acoustical wall coverings, pyramids, wedges, FireFlex, foam baffles, Silence Wall coverings, bass traps, ceiling tiles, VET baffles, fabric panels, clouds, USDA panels, and MAX sound blocks, etc. The various types of sound barriers are: dB-Bloc, blankets, dB-Damp, strip curtains, NetLag Ductwrap, ISO clips and ceiling caps.

While soundproofing may sound like a complex and expensive process, there are quite a few things that you can do to make sure that an enclosure is more sound proof. A fair amount of initial sound proofing can be done by reducing the number of windows, ventilators, doors and other openings in a room or building. Any opening should be made to fit snugly and things like keyholes, gaps between the doors and floor should be taken care of.

Remember that once you lose your hearing or part of it, you can never get it back, not even with surgery. This makes it essential to protect your hearing from as many types of dangerous noises as possible. While working in a sound proof room may be necessary for some types of jobs, you should make sure that you don’t cut yourself off entirely from the outside world. You need to make sure that a sound proof room has all of the safety features that a regular room has. Therefore you need to be made aware of any dangers that are present and you have to be able to communicate with somebody outside of tour soundproof area.


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