Security Metal Detectors

Security metal detectors are used for security measures all over the world where any sort of intrusion is to be avoided. Because of the state of the world today some public places such as shopping malls, restaurants, movie houses, schools, private organizations, offices, concert halls and sports arenas, etc. have installed security metal detectors to help stop any type of trouble, illegal activity and terrorism.

However while security metal detectors may sometimes be found in these public areas, you can bet the house that they will always be found in some government operated locations such as airports, prisons and court houses. Security metal detectors may also be used to spot people leaving an area with metal on them, such as shoplifters.

The basic operating principle of metal detectors is that they send out an alert in the form of audio signals when any type of metal is detected. A metal detector primarily consists of a search coil, which is the part that detects the metal, and a control box, which is the heart of the metal detector. The control box contains items such as microprocessors, speakers and batteries. The stabilizer and shaft are two other components of metal detectors. These security devices can work on either very low frequency, pulse induction or beat frequency oscillation technology.

There are various types of security metal detectors that are in use which include hand-held and walk through metal detectors. Hand held metal detectors are often wand shaped devices that are used by security personnel who wave the detector over your body and between your legs, etc., to see if you are carrying or wearing any metal products on your body or in your clothes.

Walk through metal detectors are built like door frames or archways. As the name suggests, you walk through these detectors and if you are carrying any metal an alarm will go off. These types of detectors are commonly used at airports. Another type of security metal detector is a small unit which items pass through on a conveyor belt. These are also found in airports however they may be considered more as an x-ray machine than a true metal detector.

 Metal detectors must be checked for accuracy, versatility and sensitivity before they are selected. These three factors are of prime importance for error free results.

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