Safety Signs

Every safety sign is meant as a warning for someone. Whether it is on the street corner or on an industrial wall somewhere, it is intended to prevent inconvenience, injury or death. They are large, brightly colored and made to stand out.

Of course, not just any color will work. There is a list of acceptable color combinations that the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) has approved, which must be used for your sign to be official and legal. One of ANSI's functions is to regulate safety signs, ensuring they are recognizable and easy to read. No doubt this has saved many lives over the years.

You can customize your signs with some companies, as long as your color choices reflect ANSI standards. Most signs are about 10x14 inches, though you have some say in the look of your sign as well. Most companies will be glad to help you choose the right dimensions for your needs. Industrial safety supplies are vital to your workplace's well being.

If you're looking for a good quality sign, you should buy one that is injection molded. The text and images should be as thick as the sign itself, adding a longevity you won't find with thinner copy styles. All signs must have a pictogram, or a picture which will adequately explain the warning to any person who is unable to read. If you work in an area which is largely bilingual, you should get a bilingual sign to give everyone a chance to read the warning.

Some common safety signs warn against smoking, open flames, trespassing, high voltage and highly flammable materials. If there are hazardous radioactive materials present, you definitely need a sign making note of that. Any equipment that turns on and off by itself warrants a warning sign, so that all employees or visitors will know to steer clear of that piece of machinery. If you are buying safety equipment supplies, look into safety signs first.

Safety sign prices start from about $20. They are some of the most important safety industrial supplies you can get.

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