Noise Control

Controlling various types of harmful noise is very important as excessive noise can cause irreparable hearing damage and can cause other types of health-related problems. Noise is evident in most walks of life, especially in the industrial sector as it will inevitably be generated by various types of processes, vibrations, machinery and vehicles, etc. Modern day technology helps to reduce the noise that is created and to try to bring the noise down to acceptable levels. There are many types of noise control that are used such as mufflers, sound panels, sound absorbers, vibration absorbers and personal ear protection. The type of noise control that is put into place will depend on the area it is to be used and kinds of noises to be blocked out.

In automobiles, a silencer or muffler is used to dampen the sound of the combustion chamber. A muffler consists of a series of plates, in a long, narrow tube that breaks the sound waves. The power output and noise is slightly reduced due to back pressure.

Ambient sound can be controlled by placing sound panels in strategic locations to absorb the noise. These panels are made of a type of sound absorbing or sound proofing material. When the sound reaches the surface of these panels it is not bounced back, but it is absorbed instead.

Vibration dampers not only reduce harmful vibrations, but also reduce the noise level. Soft material such as cotton and foam tend to absorb noise and these are used in noise suppression equipment. In addition, rooms, auditoriums and buildings may have sound absorbers placed at specific locations that absorb noise to avoid echoes and help the acoustics.

Personal ear protection is often worn by people working in loud environments such as factories, construction sites and airports, etc. Personal ear protection consists of items such as ear plugs, electric ear plugs and ear muffs. This type of ear protection comes in disposable and reusable types.

While it is important that you block out harmful and unpleasant noises from your work station and home, you must make sure that you don’t become completely isolated as you still need to be aware of any types of alarms that are installed to warn you of any danger.

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