Filtration Systems

Filtration systems are available in two different types: those that are used to purify water and those that are used to remove residues and particles from the air. The residues could be from chemical processes or from machining burrs, plus residues from grinding operations in machine shops and things such as smoke, dust, pollen and allergens. Sometimes a filtration system is also used to provide clean fluids for chemical processes. Filtration systems are used by various types of businesses and organizations, including construction, farming, manufacturing, commercial, retail, government, offices, and educational, etc. They are also used in domestic environments such as at home.

Pure water is very important for our health and the water that comes from reservoirs generally goes through purification and filtration processes to help remove any dirt and to make the water softer. These filters help to remove things such as fluoride, sodium, iron, lead, chlorine and other types of chemicals and particles.

The two most common types of filter systems used at home are activated carbon filtration, and reverse osmosis. These systems both use an activated carbon block filter in their processes. You need to have your water tested to see what particles are present in it and then you need to choose the style of filtration system you want, such as a faucet mount or an inline system.

Chemical plants use filtration techniques in addition to other water treatment methods to make sure that clean water is available for use in production. These industries also use filtration systems to treat effluents.

In air filtration systems you will often find devices such as air pollution control equipment, air purifiers and air filters in use. An air filtration system is basically used to make the air as clean as possible by filtering it for contaminants etc. There are various types of systems that can be used including portable ones, mounted units and central systems that are installed with the central heating or air conditioning units. These systems use various types of filters to clean the air as much as possible including HEPA filters. The type of system that you use will generally depend on the size of the room or building that you want to filter and the amount of pollutants that are in the air.

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