Eye Protection

Your eyes are generally considered to be the most important sensing organs that you have and are also the most vulnerable to work place injuries. All it takes is a very small splinter to render a person blind. Therefore eye protection is one of the most essential types of safety supply that you can use. Personnel who are operating in hazardous sectors such as welding, grinding, chipping, sawing, lathing, and chemical plants must always be protected with high quality eye protection that not only protects the eyes but also provides clear vision without any distortion. Be aware that exposure to the suns rays and other types of ultraviolet rays, laser beams, and infrared rays can also cause eye damage. Your eye protection should fit you properly and be aware that badly designed eyewear can actually cause damage to the eyes.

The most common type of eye protection is eye goggles however in heat treatment shops and chemical plants where there is a danger of splashing chemicals, full face guards made of thick, transparent acrylic sheets are fitted to helmets.

Welding processes require dark tinted glasses with wire mesh at the sides. Depending on the process being performed, a full mask with neck protection and a tinted glass window may also be used for eye protection.

For machining processes such as grinding, fettling and chipping, clear plastic glasses with wire mesh protection at the sides should be used. In addition, a swivel type wire mesh may be also be fitted to the glasses.

Contact lenses do not offer any eye protection whatsoever. In addition, safety glasses are available that can block out ultraviolet rays from the sun, prevent glare and to protect eyes in the snow. All types of safety glasses should be designed to protect your entire eye area, including the sides. Safety glasses should also be made out of scratch resistant and shatter proof materials. If the glasses you are wearing shatter upon impact you could easily get a piece of the glass in your eye which can cause you a serious injury. You can also get prescription safety glasses made. These glasses will enable you to see properly and protect you at the same time. With some types of eye protection such as goggles and face masks you can wear your regular eyeglasses underneath them. Make sure you always protect your eyes from the dangers of your work station and home.

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